You know what that feels like, don’t you? When someone asks or confronts you with a
question or a statement and if you answer or share your opinion, it will not be received
well. People, all around us, want to talk to us about the issues of the day in the world of
politics and sometimes religion

As our world continues to move away ever so quickly from the foundation of Judeo-
Christian ethics that our founding fathers established our country upon, we are
challenged in sharing a different perspective that comes from Christ and God’s Word.

With media coverage, commentator’s, and social media sharing their opinions and spin
on the culture and today’s news, it is great to know we can go to God for answers for
everything in life

We have God’s opinion readily available on

  • Being pro-life
  • Sharing God’s design for gender and marriage
  • Supporting those God has placed over us in the White House and in Washington with respect and prayer
  • Personal responsibilities dealing with our money and our behavior
  • What is wrong with believing in evolution?
  • Is the Bible true and is Jesus the only way to heaven?

Just to name a few controversial issues before us. How should we respond as a Christ-follower?

1. Be a compassionate student of the culture.

I Chronicles 12:32
From Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do
One of the worst things we can do is to respond on social media or in a conversation
uninformed on the issues. Many of these issues today are very complex and when we
give simple answers it leaves people wondering. We need to be well-read from all sides
of the issue and craft a good biblical answer that can be respected. The response must
be considerate, respectful and understanding of the person sharing their perspective.
We are called to speak without anger and malice to others. Our words must reflect the
attitude of Jesus.

2. Share your thoughts with grace and truth

No one should feel they should compromise their views based on a Christian worldview
but it is how we share our opinion that counts. Jesus always had the perfect balance of grace and truth. He knew what was needed in each situation that would honor God. We
should read the Gospels and see just how Jesus responded when He was confronted
with awkward conversations.
For us, it will require thought, prayer and Spirit-led answers in the midst of discussions
with others. We must always leave the door open for future conversations pointing
people to the author of grace and truth.

3. People need to see that we walk our talk

We are not going to be perfect and consistent in all the things we believe. We must own
our sins and our angry outbursts. We must work to resolve conflicts with others when
we have misspoken in conversation with people who do not share our viewpoint. The
power of forgiveness speaks volumes and the Gospel is represented mightily when
Christ-followers resolve conflicts. We need to back up what we say by how we live our
lives so that those we are in conversations with will see our authenticity and

4. Our answers to controversial issues must be real to life not pie in the sky

Well thought out, well-researched answers shared in humility can win people over or at
least develop respectful conversation. If we say we believe in creation science than we
must have evidences that show our logic in holding that view.
If we are for life by all means, we should share scripture, science, and other disciplines
that show the sanctity of life is important and viable.
Too many times as Christians we just shoot back or try to shout down those who
disagree with us. We simply quote scripture to those who do not believe the Bible. That
feeds into the outrage and the argument by the world that Christians lack practical and
intelligent answers to life’s difficult questions and issues.

Concluding Thoughts

Colossians 4: 5 – 6 says “Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the
most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be always full of grace,
seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”
We must always remember that without our relationship with Christ, we would be blind
to the truth in so many areas of our life. We must sit in the seat of those who are making
the controversial remarks that seem so far from what God would say and realize that
but for the grace of God go we.
As we face these awkward conversations, may we first pray quickly when the
conversations come up, if we don’t know the answer, say we will find out and give a wise answer that will lead to further discussion pointing people to the Savior. We are not called to win the argument; we are called to lovingly share the truth and be
God’s ambassador so that the Holy Spirit can do its work in the hearts and lives of those we
are in conversation with.

How will you answer in the next awkward conversation you encounter?