PVBC Connect Groups exist because we believe our calling is not just to soak in knowledge, but to put that knowledge to use as a matter of faithful obedience. We meet each Sunday from 10:45am-11:45am and also throughout the year outside of the church walls. Currently, we have three different Connect Groups (see below - subject to change) to meet the dynamics of our church family. It is our hope that you will be able to find the Connect Group that most associates with your life.

1) YOUNG ADULTS: Sometimes referred to as "Terry's Crew", PVBC's Young Adult Connect Group is focused on helping those young and emerging adults as they come to terms with adulthood and who they are as people. The group hosts 20 sometings and early 30 somethings but has also enjoyed the company of people with ages ranging from 17 to 96. 

2) CAREER/FAMILY ADULTS: A group of adults, well into their careers and family lives, focused on true Biblical Fellowship to guide and navigate them through life as parents, bosses, employees, leaders, etc. 

3) RETIREE/EMPTY-NESTERS/GRANDPARENTS: Communal prayer and authentic sharing spark this group of both seasoned believers and new Christians. They use their life experiences and reliance on God and His Word to steer them in their continued Christian walk.