Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he – Proverbs 29:18 (KJV)

January is a time for reflection, goal setting and renewal. It is a time to look back to the past, learn from it and set our sights on new horizons. I believe the best days of Pleasant View Baptist Church are ahead of us.

We have had a spectacular year of ministry and financial giving. God has blessed us with new families coming and joining our church family. There was a lot of ministry this year with many people serving in our church and outside in community organizations. We have a lot to be thankful for.

Our vision is Connect – Grow – Serve. What do those three key words mean anyway in a practical sense? They mean connecting people with God and His family, growing spiritually and relationally, serving God in His church, in our communities, and in the world

We do those things in the church and outside the walls of our church. We connect through worship, through our Connect Groups and Sunday School for the kids. We connect on Wednesday night with our Chaos Student ministry that brings in kids from our church and surrounding community. Awana is our outreach and discipleship program for our kids and plenty of others from surrounding neighborhoods near our church. Evangelism takes place as the Gospel is shared regularly in the worship service and other times throughout the programs of the church.

We grow through discipleship and community. Our Connect Groups / Sunday School, Awana, Chaos Student Ministry, Men’s Group and Women’s events are designed to shape us more into the image of God. The are other special events from time to time to emphasize spiritual growth and many of our people are involved in Bible Study Fellowship and Community Bible Study that connects and helps grow with people in our community. These plus fellowship lunches help us to build community with one another as we grow in Christ.

Serving is the third part of our vision. This is where people use their spiritual gifts to serve our church family in currently nineteen ministries in the church. This impacts over sixty kids and teens on Wednesday night as well as our worship times and Connect Group / Sunday School times on Sunday.

Many people in our church serve in other ministries outside of church. Some go to Hope at the Brick House, some go to Torah Bible study, some serve as leaders in Bible Study Fellowship and Community Bible study. Pastor Ed is on the board of QCAE and teaches a class at Scott Community College. The Meeduri’s are involved with a community of people from India who are from a variety of churches in the QCA and they do outreaches to Hindu families who are here in the area from India. Just a slice of what people do in our community.

As we turn the page of the calendar to 2020, what is the vision for our church in the New Year?

1. Pastor Ed will attempt to find a small group of people to be dedicated prayer warriors that will pray over our church and our vision statement so that we can have God’s wisdom and power in our decision-making process. They will be praying for us to reach out in new ways to our community and build relationships with organizations and people with the purpose of sharing Christ with them. Also, they will be asked to pray against the enemy and other things related to our church and our community.
2. The Ministry Team leaders will meet on January 25th to develop a specific strategy to fulfill our vision in the New Year in intentional ways.
3. Pastor Ed wants to develop more evangelism outreach beyond the walls of our church and we can do that by equipping a group of people who will be accountable to share their faith, and be discipled with the intention of making new disciples.
4. The elders will put together a team to remodel our sanctuary, our lobby and install new carpeting throughout the building.
5. Pastor Ed will work on developing younger leaders and giving them the authority and freedom to lead as they serve.

Those are some of the things I see on the horizon for us as a church in 2020. Seeing people’s lives transformed by the Gospel, then getting baptized, joining the church in membership and serving with us using their spiritual gifts as they are being discipled. That is my heartbeat going into 2020

Maybe some would say, I will join the group of prayer warriors to pray for our church five days a week. Maybe some would say, I want to be involved in a small group dedicated to being discipled so that I can lead others to Christ and be discipled. God may be leading you in working with us on the remodel team or the safety team we are setting up right after January 1st.

Now is the time to stand up and be involved and move our church forward in connecting with our community, growing those we lead to Christ in discipleship and serving alongside those we mentor to use their spiritual gifts.

Be praying for the vision of our church, for the leaders to implement the vision, to evaluate all we do through the vision and the serve our community well with love in the name of Jesus.

May you have a spiritually prosperous start to 2020!! I am faithfully,

Yours and His

Pastor Ed Hedding