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 Growing up in Pittsburgh in the 60’s and 70’s, the Pittsburgh Pirates had some good baseball teams. During one of their runs to win the World Series in 1979, a song that was played often in association with the team in ads and news reels was the song “We are Family” by Sister Sledge. That song came out that year and it was played endlessly in my hometown. The song talked about how as a family they were all in this life together and that they were faithful to one another and inseparable. That is a happy memory for me as I look back to that time in my life.

The church family at PVBC are just that, a family. We are not a BIG church by attendance counts but we do exponentially more than our numbers show. We are a small church with a BIG vision. I am constantly amazed at how many people are involved in using their passion and spiritual gifts to serve the various ministries of our church. We build community by gathering for Connect Groups, Fire and Fellowship, Game Nights, Worship Nights, Movie Nights, etc. We are faithful in giving out God’s Word through the weekly opportunities we offer. Our men and women have their places and times to build community.

When the family is challenged with issues from outside of ourselves and even among ourselves, we seek God how to deal with these challenges and seek one another’s forgiveness when we fall short of each other’s expectations. Every family is going to have conflict, but as I have said many times, it is what we as a church family do with conflict biblically is what is important. God is honored and glorified when we resolve conflicts in God’s way and time.

It is a joy and a privilege to be a part of this special spiritual family we call Pleasant View Baptist Church and my hope is you will do your part to build this family up in love to represent Christ well and seek to maintain the unity of the faith among us in the bond of peace. I am faithfully your and His,  

Pastor Ed Hedding