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 ““Geared to the Times, Anchored to the Rock”:” was the slogan for Youth for Christ at its founding in 1944.  The goal was to preach the unchanging truth of the Gospel from God’s Word using methods that would appeal to teenagers and young adults in the culture of the times. It has been and continues to be a fantastic strategy. The church of Jesus Christ needs to stay true to the Word but know that methods and updates need to occur to stay relevant to the times in order to encourage non-believers to seek out the truth of the Gospel.

The leadership of our church is always filtering through decisions for ministry through the lens of our vision statement – Connect – Grow – Serve. We prayerfully make decisions that are based on the culture in Bettendorf and our surrounding communities that will meet the spiritual needs of our church family and those who are open to the Gospel in our community at large.

We, as Christ followers, need to come around the leaders of our church and support the changes that need to be made to our ministry choices, curriculum, methods and updating our building to stay “geared to the times”, One of the goals is to keep people curious and interested in pursuing the Gospel. That is why the leaders of Pleasant View Baptist Church encourage you to be a part of the proposed changes so we can enhance our worship experience in our worship center and provide a warm and inviting atmosphere in our lobby as people enter the doors of our church. Will you join me in prayer and participation in our business meetings to make this happen in 2023 for the growth spiritually, numerically and relationally for the Christ followers in our church and for those who have yet to receive Christ as Savior?

- Pastor Ed Hedding