Important COVID-19 Notice to the Pleasant View Baptist Church Family
In compliance with our guidelines, we are informing our church family that two of our members tested positive for COVID-19. On Wednesday, October 8th, 2 church members tested positive for COVID-19. Those two church members were in church on Sunday (10/4/20) for the worship service and the Empty Nesters’ Connect Group. Please pray earnestly for them. One has been hospitalized while the other is recovering at home. Please pray for wisdom as we find ways to minister to their needs.

On August 17th, 2020, our Task Force and church leadership approved guidelines for Worship Service, Connect Groups, and Sunday School during this pandemic. The portion of those guidelines applicable to this situation reads:

“If the church leadership is made aware that someone has contracted COVID-19 who attended our worship service on a Sunday, a Connect Group, Sunday School or sanctioned program of the church, the church leadership will immediately communicate the information to our church family.”

For information on who tested positive, view the post in our private Facebook Community Group. If you were in close proximity to the couple who tested positive, (6 feet or less) for a period of time of 15 minutes or longer and feel you have symptoms of COVID-19, we encourage you to be tested for COVID-19. Please inform the church office if you test positive. Also, let the church office know if your symptoms occurred during the October 3rd-17th timeframe. You may contact the church office by phone at 563-332-5233 or by emailing to [email protected]

Our goal is to provide a safe and sanitary environment for our church family to worship, serve, and grow in as we seek together to follow the teaching of scripture to be together in worship. We want to prevent the spread of this virus to anyone else in our church family.

The building is safe and sanitary. We have been cleaning based on CDC and Iowa Department of Health guidelines, week after week, event after event. Remember it is NOT the building that can give you COVID-19 but the transmission by people. Therefore, it is important that each person remain diligent in the usage of face masks,
exercise of social distancing, monitoring of their health, and practicing good personal hygiene.

The Task Force Team made up of elders, deacons, deaconesses and medical people in our church decided to not have an in-person service this Sunday, October 11th. The worship service will be available on the Pleasant View Baptist Church's YouTube Channel and Public Facebook Page, as well as in our private Facebook Community Group at 9:15 am. The decision was made to do our best to not spread the virus to anyone else in our church family. There will also be no Connect Group or Sunday School this Sunday in person or on Zoom.