Nehemiah 13:1 - 14
The Reforms by Nehemiah Part 1 The Reforms by Nehemiah Part 1

The Reforms by Nehemiah – Part One

Nehemiah 13:1-14

Compromise # 1: The Israelites neglected to separate themselves from those God had commanded. – Nehemiah 13:1-3

Reform # 1: Nehemiah separated the Israelites from the Ammonites and Midianites.

Application: What or whom do you need to separate yourself from to become less like the world?

Compromise # 2: The Israelites neglected to keep the spiritual leadership godly. – Nehemiah 13:4-9; 28

Reform # 2: Nehemiah removed the ungodly leadership.

Application: How will you pray for and support the leadership of the church to continue to grow into godly leaders?

Compromise # 3: The Israelites neglected to care for the house of God. – Nehemiah 13:10 – 14

Reform # 3: Nehemiah reestablished provisions for the spiritual leaders.

Application: How can you continue to do our part in taking care of our local church?

Key Thought: The only way to avoid the slow erosion of compromise in your life is to stay focused on the true north of your life – Jesus Christ.

Questions to Ponder this Week

1.    How close are we getting to what God describes as “worldly behavior” in our lives?

2.    How do we remove the thoughts and behaviors in our lives that would go contrary to scripture?

3.    How are we encouraging the leaders of our church to be godly leaders?