Selected Scriptures from Nehemiah
Life Lessons from Nehemiah

Sermon Notes

  • Nehemiah’s burden for his people turned into a vision from God – Availability – Nehemiah 2:11         
  • He was concerned about the physical protection of God’s chosen people·        
  • He was concerned about the spiritual protection of God’s chosen people
  • Nehemiah shows compassion for his people and leads them with a servant’s heart – Vulnerability – Nehemiah 5:14 – 19; 8:10·        
  • He sees the need of the people and provides for them         
  • He sees their grief of the people and encourages themNehemiah’s vision from God turned into action with specific, measurable goals. - Adaptability – Nehemiah 1:17 - 18         
  • He developed the teams to rebuild the wall while protecting the people.         
  • He stayed on mission for God despite external and internal opposition.Nehemiah consulted God before making decisions – Decidability – Nehemiah 1:4-6·        
  • Four times he prayed about the opposition coming against and among God’s people·         Four times he prayed to restorethe spiritual health of God’s people·        
  • Two times he prayed for the nationof Judah while he is in Persia·        
  • Nehemiah shared his heart and passion with God and the power of God’s answer was evident in all he did
  • Nehemiah had a reverence for Scripture and communicated the importance of Scripture to God’s people. – Communicability – Nehemiah 12:27 - 31·        
  • The people of Judah asked Ezra to read the Scripture - Nehemiah 8:1·        
  • The people of Judah showed their commitment to Scripture by the length of time they spent listening. – Nehemiah 8:3·        
  • The people of Judah responded by repentance and obedience to God’s Word·        
  • The people joyfully celebrated the dedication of the walls of Jerusalem to God.

Application to us

  1. Obey the vision God has given to you     
  2. Pray with a heart of passion and urgency to God
  3. Expect and prepare for opposition
  4. Be vulnerable and compassionateto the people you are examples to
  5. Lead the people who follow and serve you to seek a holy God and reverence His name and His Word
  6. Be willing to accept responsibilityfor your actions whether good or bad
  7. Communicate that in all we do, we are to glorify the Lord – Nehemiah 8:10 

Twenty-One Leadership Principles from the Life of Nehemiah  Donald Campbell

  1. He established a reasonable and attainable goal.
  2. He had a sense of mission.
  3. He was willing to get involved.
  4. He rearranged his priorities in order to accomplish his goal.
  5. He patiently waited for God’s timing.
  6. He showed respect to his superior.
  7. He prayed at crucial times.
  8. He made his request with tact and graciousness.
  9. He was well prepared and thought of his needs in advance.
  10. He went through proper channels.
  11. He took time (three days) to rest, pray, and plan.
  12. He investigated the situation firsthand.
  13. He informed others only after he knew the size of the problem.
  14. He identified himself as one with the people.
  15. He set before them a reasonable and attainable goal.
  16. He assured them God was in the project.
  17. He displayed self-confidence in facing obstacles.
  18. He displayed God’s confidence in facing obstacles.
  19. He did not argue with opponents.
  20. He was not discouraged by opposition.
  21. He courageously used the authority of his position.